What is the title of an invention?
The title of ivention for a patent is should appear as the heading on the first page of the specification. Although a title may have up to 500 characters, the title must be as short and specific as possible...

What is an IPC classification?
The technical content of patent documents is classified according to the International Patent Classification (IPC).

What is an PCT classification?
PCT makes it possible to seek patent protection for an invention simultaneously in each of a large number of designated countries by filing one single international patent application.

What is an agent?
An agent is an external CIPC customer formally registered as an employee of a registered patent or trade mark attorney firm.

Agent No – the number is generated by Ptolemy and appears in field 74 on the Patent Register Page together with the agent name and address

What is a patent number?
A patent number is a patent application number given by the South African Patent Office upon lodgement

What is a reference number?
The reference number of a patent application given by the agents

What is an applicant/patentee? 
An applicant/patentee is the inventor to whom a patent is issued

What is an inventor? 
The Inventor is the name of the persons who is registered on the patent application as the inventor. The Inventor can contain a list of names of persons. The Inventor can also be the Applicant.

What is a patent status?
It is the status of a patent- whether the patent is abandoned, accepted,advertised, application never completed, definetely lapsed ect

What is a Patent type?
The patent is either complete or provitional.

What is a denomination? 
A trade mark comes in a number of formats, that is verbal marks/word marks, figurative marks, and a combination of both verbal and figurative marks, slogan marks.
Example: A Verbal mark – Nike 
A slogan mark for Nike – Just do it !
A figurative mark – the Famous Coca ~ Cola bottle.

What is nice classes?
Trademarks are grouped in two categories, that is, classes for goods and those of services. There are 34 classes of goods and 11 classes for services. These classes are prescribed by the NICE classification. E.g.; Clothing, footwear and headgear are classified under class 25, Computer software is class 9.

What is conflicting classes?
As trademarks belong to different classes there are classes that overlap with each other. An example is Class 25 and Class 9. Class 25 if for clothing but protective clothing is covered under Class 9. 

Denomination /figurative marks/word marks
A trade mark comes in a number of formats, that is verbal marks/word marks, figurative marks, and a combination of both verbal and figurative marks, slogan marks.
Example: A Verbal mark – Nike
 A figurative mark – the Famous Coca~Cola bottle

What is the figurative question?
This comes about when one is conducting a search on Acsepto. For someone to be able to conduct this search one needs to use the Vienna Classification which has prescribed codes, these codes help in compiling the figurative question so as to get results reflecting all the similar marks to the one being searched for in the database. 

click here to download a list of figurative codes.

What is filling date?
This is the date on which an application is formally lodged with the trademarks office.
An example: If one lodges an application on the 1st of October 2004 this then becomes the date of application.

What is date of application?
The date on which the application has been lodged in the South African Patent Office

What is date of grant?
The date on which the patent has been sealed and granted

NB: In terms of section 42(b) of the Patent Act 1978, a patent shall be deemed to have been sealed and granted as from the date of publication. of the acceptance in the Patent Journal

What is a priority date?
An applicant has priority rights if he has already applied in a Convention country. South African citizens applying in South Africa do not have these rights unless he/she is applying to another Convention country. An example: If one applies in the USA for a mark on the 20th of June 2004 and in SA on the 15th of Nov 2004 the applicant will have rights dating back to the 20th of June 2004 in SA, this means that a similar application lodged in SA in August by a different proprietor will be refused against the one lodged in November.

What is a cut off date?
Cut off date of the search.

What is a search template?
it is either normal, restricted, or wider.

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